31 Day Reset – Day 19 – Reviving my love life

I am a day behind on the challenge but that is ok. The exercise for Day 19 of the 31 Day Reset is to revive your love life. There were 2 options to complete this exercise. The first option is to do something for your partner that you have not done since you first met. The other option gave tips to find love if you do not have a partner. Here were my plans for reviving my love life.

One of the things I used to do for my boyfriend was to give him a nice back massage. He would lay down on the bed, I would turn off the lights, play soft slow music, light some candles and work the kinks out of his back. Most times he  would be snoring when I was done because of how relaxed he was. My plan was to do that for him yesterday but my plan failed. He did not get home until 8 pm and he still had extra work to do out in our garage. He is a motorcycle mechanic and he was working on a few side jobs in our garage that he must get done by Friday. Needless to say, I did not have the opportunity to execute my plan last night or tonight. Hopefully I will at some point over the weekend. I have good intentions so I guess that should count for something on this exercise. We shall see….


31 Day Reset – Day 18 – My Bucket List

I have never taken the time to REALLY think about things I would like to do in the case that I am told I have 6 months to live. So far my list is not very long because I am having  a hard time thinking of what should be on my bucket list. Here is what I have

1. Have another child

2. Go on a cruise

3. Take a Hawaiian Vacation

4. Learn to ski

5. Visit the Grand Canyon (…its only 2 hours away from me!!)

6. Visit Canada

7. Visit Italy

8. Go to Atlantic City NJ

9. Go see Niagara Falls

10. Do indoor skydiving (scared to do the real deal)

11. See what its like to be weight less in space, visit the space center


31 Day Reset – Day 17 – Ditch TV for 24 hours

The exercise for Day 17 of the 31 day reset is to Ditch TV for 24 hours. It was pretty easy to do yesterday because most of the day I was out with my boyfriend. We were away from home all day, returned home at 5 pm. He then left me home for a while and I soaked in the tub, read a book but because it was too quiet I turned on my living room TV and walked away. I wanted it to feel like someone was home.  I went into my bed room and took a power nap, read some more, recorded a video and went to bed. I guess I did well, I just had to explain to my boyfriend what I was doing when he wanted us to watch a movie together and spend quality time together.

31 Day Reset – Day 16 – My Day Redesigned

Today’s 31 day reset exercise is to evaluate my time audit and see where I can make more time in my day to be more productive. Based on my time audit, which was completed on a day that I was off on vacation (I am still on Vacation until tomorrow) I do not feel that I waste any time this past week. However, I return to work tomorrow and when I think about my time that is spend when I return home from work I could make a few changes that could benefit me and make that time productive. On a daily basis, I usually well get off from work at 3:30 and will be home by 4:00 so many days that I do waste time because I am on a leave of absence from school until Jan 12, 2012.

Here is my typical day redesigned:

– Cook a healthy breakfast to take to work daily

– Prepare lunch for the next work day when I get home from work

– Cook dinner daily which also helps me to prepare my lunch for the next day – leftovers!

– Work out daily for 45 mins to an hour on days that I do not have any other after work commitments. Ex. doc appt for myself or daughter

– Reduce my YouTube viewing time to one hour or less

– Read a chapter or two of a book each night depending on the length of the chapter

– Go to bed earlier.

While doing this exercise, there are things on this list that I do already (take lunch, work out, read etc) but not consistently. My goal is to be more consistent and just change my lifestyle overall. I want to be more productive and positive and not sit around when I get home from work because I spend all day sitting on my behind and want to move around a bit more and stimulate my mind in a different way. This time audit is subject to change based on returning to school on January 12, 2012. I will be more focused on making the grade in class and I am sure that my time on YouTube and watching TV will be reduced anyway, based on that.