Intro: 31 Day Reset Challenge

I would have to say that today was a difficult day for me. Although I do not want to admit this, I was down and depressed all day.  While I was laying around feeling sorry for myself I came across a video that Glamazini  posted on YouTube, it was her weekly update. She discussed a blogpost on the Happy Black Woman website called More with less, so I headed on over to the site and decided to subscribe to the blog. While browsing through the blog I came across the 31-day reset challenge.

the 31-day reset is a challenge to reflect and reset your life in 31 days. There is a downloadable Ebook and a daily email that you receive from the site administrator and founder of the program Rosetta Thurman. So everyday I will receive an assignment that will assist me in resetting the button on my life in order to get myself together.  I decided to take part of this challenge because I have been stuck in a rut and I need to find a healthy way to get out of it so wish me luck as I reset my life and check my blog for daily postings with challenge updates.


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