31 Day Reset – Day 4 – Reset 10 (Values)

Today is Day 4 of the 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge. This challenge that I am participating in is designed to be a virtual life coaching experience that will equip Me with all the tools I need to reset my life. If you are interested click the link to go to the Happy Black Woman website.

So my goal for today was to identify my values and pick my top 10 to be designated as my “Reset 10”. It was difficult to narrow things down but here goes:

1. religion (relationship with God)

2. advancement

3. honesty

4. compassion

5. loyalty

6. admiration

7. stable

8. self-worth

9. physical fitness

10. healthy living

When I began this exercise I did not think I would come up with as many values as I did. Even though I only have 10 here, I ended up with about 30 values that are important to me. They are things that I value and things I would like to have other people associate me with. Of course it does not matter what others think of me, but when I leave my legacy I want to be remembered positively and not negatively.


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