31 Day Reset – Day 6 – Mission Statement

A few days ago I was supposed to write my personal mission statement as a part of the 31 day reset challenge. I was not sure of how to write a mission statement and if I would do it correctly. However, it this is MY mission statement then it is correct. The values that I rated the highest and designated as my reset 10 were compassion, honesty, loyalty stability and admiration. However my mission deals with the values that I rated the lowest were self-worth, physical fitness and healthy living.

My personal mission is to love myself more and to consciously make an effort to stop the negative self talk, improve my physical fitness and live more healthy. The steps that I will take to love myself more and improve my self-worth are to focus on my accomplishments and let go of the words that pop up in my mind that my ex husband said to me. He has been out of my life for four years and if I continue to believe the words that he said to me he will continue to have control of me. That is ridiculous because I have been in a healthy relationship for the past three years with someone who always says nice positive things to me.

Physical fitness and healthy living are within my grasp. I just need to reach out  and not worry about anyone else in my household wanting to be on board with me. Yes I feel it will make things easy for me for me but the journey to being healthy and fit is not easy. No journey ever is easy that is why it’s called a journey. There will be trials and failures throughout. I have the potential for being healthy and physically fit because that was my lifestyle for many years while serving this country. I know that I can turn this around if I do allow myself to feel defeated when I have a set back and  just hang in there.


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