Document your natural hair journey

As a natural, there are times when an individual may feel as if their hair is not growing as fast as others. I know that most of us spend countless hours on YouTube looking for hair care tips, tricks, inspiration and style tutorials. Many of us subscribe to naturals that are ahead of us on our journeys or to naturals that even have the same big chop (BC for short)  date. While doing so, there is often the urge to compare your personal hair growth to others which can either be inspiring or demotivating.

This past year, I fell into the hair envy trap. I am subbed to a lot of naturals, many of which did their big chop the same year that I did. So we are either within months of each other hitting our two year mark. Many of the ladies that big chopped in 2009 either before me or even a few weeks after me, appear to have faster hair growth than myself. I spent a few months off and on this past year feeling as if my hair was not growing. In October, I took the time to look through the photos I took of my hair journey and realized that my hair had grown so much more than I thought. I then realized that hair envy was not necesary and the best person to compare my hair growth to was…MYSELF!

This leads me to the title of this post…document your journey! It is very important to take pictures of your hair, even if its once a month. You can share them with others on Fotki, Picasa, Photobucket, YouTube or just keep them as a personal picture journal for yourself. If you are going to have hair envy, why not envy yourself! Love your hair at its current stage of growth and remember that with care and patience your hair can grow!


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