31 Day Reset – Day 8 – Gratitude

As part of the 31 day reset challenge, today I was tasked to keep a gratitude journal.  I was supposed to write everything that I am grateful for no matter how great or how small throughout the day. I actually was not able to write everything today but it was not hard to find what I am grateful for today. The following are the gratitude prompts that helped me to write this down on paper to post this for all to read.

  • What am I thankful for in this moment?
  • What’s working for my good right now?
  • Today, I’m grateful for . . .

So what am I thankful for in this moment……In this moment I am thankful for  my family, home, health, friends, boyfriend (well..he actually counts as family), and job.

What’s working for my good right now…well my friendships and relationship with my boyfriend are working for my good right now. I have a positive group of friends that are not jealous of me. They are very supportive, encouraging and always have positive feedback and honest advice for me. My relationship with my boyfriend is amazing, he and I have a great and strong relationship in which we can be honest with each other. He and I talk things over instead of argue and fight all the time. He also is very supportive in things that I do and goals that I want to achieve, even if he does not  personally take part in everything that I want to do.

My job is working for my good right now. I am in a place that will allow my daughter to obtain higher education with a tuition waiver. I was also struggling to do well with a specific team in my department but due to my work ethic, attendance and positive attitude I was recommended to be moved to a different team that has proven to be a positive move for me.

Today I am grateful for having today off. I actually have the entire week off and I am so excited for that because I am taking the opportunity to get organized, rest, relax, recharge my batteries (suffering from job burnout) and have a new mindset when I return to work.


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