31 Day Reset – Day 10 – Do One Thing

The exercise for Day 10 of Rosetta Thurman‘s 31 day reset challenge is to do one thing to get me one step closer to my goals. The one thing I decided to do was to go shopping with my daughter (improve family relationships).

You may think that is odd, but for me that is not. I have a strong dislike for being away from home out in a crowd for long periods of time. My therapist told me two years ago that I was slightly agoraphobic. He based this diagnosis on the fact that after being out for a while I will get hot, have shortness of breath, get dizzy, nervous, and my heartbeat increases. All I want to do is get to a safe zone such as the restroom stall, the dressing room in a store, my car and then get home as quickly as possible.

I have been off all week, and on Wednesday I decided to take my daughter to Kohl’s. I wanted to get her a Christmas present by buying her some clothes, buy myself some shirts, and also buy my boyfriend a few items. Typically when I am doing any shopping I start showing anxious symptoms after being out for 30 minutes.  I will have to find somewhere to sit down, or go to the restroom or dressing room. I will even rush my daughter because I will be ready to go. However, Wednesday was different.

I actually enjoyed my daughter and our shopping experience. I tried on heels that I will never wear, boots, bras, and shirts for myself. She helped me find some jeans and shirts for my boyfriend. She tried on closed and asked my opinion on items that she chose. If I found myself feeling anxious, then I went to the dressing room for about 5 minutes to sit down and take deep breaths and I was ok. We actually were in Kohl’s for three hours which is a record for me! I really enjoyed the mother-daughter time that she and I shared so much and I plan to do it again with her in a few weeks.


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