31 Day Reset – Day 11 – Accountability

The exercise for day 11 of the 31 Day Reset Challenge is to find an accountability partner who will help me achieve my goals. This exercise was easy for me to complete because I already have someone in my life who holds me accountable and that person is my boyfriend.

He ALWAYS encourages me to push forward on any task that I set out to complete. For example, I recall last summer when I was completing my BS in Psychology and I was taking Statistics. I REALLY wanted to give up but with his encouragement I moved forward and ended up making a B- in the course! 🙂 He also has the tendency to pay devil’s advocate when necessary, he calls me out on my “bull”, and just really pushes me to be the best that I can be.

He is always in my corner and he wants the same level of success that I do, so he is my designated accountability partner. 🙂


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