31 Day Reset – Day 13 – My Ideal Life

Ideal life….can we really have one? I like that we are to craft and ideal life narrative for Day 13 of the 31 day reset and not our “perfect” life. Here is my ideal life narrative:

I am living in Arizona in my newly remodeled/expanding home with my husband and son. My daughter is away at a local University doing very well and she and I meet once a week for mother-daughter lunches. She does come by the house every few days to see her baby brother but the lunches are just our time to talk freely and catch up. I am working as a Licensed Professional Counselor for the Veteran‘s Affairs (VA) Medical Center. My clients include veterans and their families. Once a week I also provide counseling at Luke Air Force Base to the active duty military.  I am making a great salary with very good benefits working for the government and my time served in the military combined with government service all counts towards retirement. I feel at home working alongside military vets and treating military veterans, active military and their families. I am no longer depressed, stressed, or anxious. My health is good with no more knee problems. I exercise six days a week and my cholesterol and blood pressure are way within normal levels. I have successfully maintained a 40 pound weight loss and I have run four local 5k races. I have gone back East to visit my mother and she has also come out here to visit us here in Arizona and she loves it. My family and I also travel to Southern California for short weekend trips every so often, we travel to South Carolina during Spring Break and Northern California for Christmas break. I am truly enjoying my family. I also meet my best girlfriends once a week for dinner or for prayer and bible study. All is well in my life and I am happy.


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