31 Day Reset – Day 9 – Life Map

When I saw this exercise, I had no idea of how to create a life map. Although I downloaded the 31 day reset workbook, I though I was supposed to find some special software or go to excel and create a fancy little chart that represented the life map. I am also a few days late on completing this exercise because I have been off this week so I have been spending time with my family. Anyway, let me get to the topic at hand. I took the time to create a map of what my life would look like if I was living my ideal life, compared to how things are actually going in my life based on seven areas.Those seven areas that I did a life assessment on are: Lifestyle, Work, Education, Finance, Health, Family and Relationships.


– travel a few times a month with my boyfriend to the Dunes in California during riding season

– once every three months my daughter and I enjoy a spa weekend at a local day spa

– Home expansion has been completed and we now have 4 full bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a family room, living room, office, and bigger kitchen/dining room area

– Another baby and my older daughter is out of the home living comfortably on her own


– MS in Licensed Professional Counseling has been completed

– In the beginning stages of my PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction

– Staying up to date within my profession through educational workshops and conferences


– Debt free, every item in the home purchased by cash only and paid for in full

– Making a comfortable yearly salary

– Able to shop freely but not irresponsibly

– Able to travel freely

– Have a nice sized savings account for a “rainy day”


Exercising 5 days a week

– Successfully maintaining a 40 lb weight loss

– No more knee pain

Blood pressure and Cholesterol levels no longer on the borderline high level

– Eating healthier, doing well with portion control and able to eye caloric intake


– Talk  with one family member a week besides my mom (talk to her daily)

– Travel back East to visit family but they also come out West to visit me and see what my life is like


– More patience with my daughter and boyfriend

– Continue to have open and honest communication with my household



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