31 Day Reset – Day 16 – My Day Redesigned

Today’s 31 day reset exercise is to evaluate my time audit and see where I can make more time in my day to be more productive. Based on my time audit, which was completed on a day that I was off on vacation (I am still on Vacation until tomorrow) I do not feel that I waste any time this past week. However, I return to work tomorrow and when I think about my time that is spend when I return home from work I could make a few changes that could benefit me and make that time productive. On a daily basis, I usually well get off from work at 3:30 and will be home by 4:00 so many days that I do waste time because I am on a leave of absence from school until Jan 12, 2012.

Here is my typical day redesigned:

– Cook a healthy breakfast to take to work daily

– Prepare lunch for the next work day when I get home from work

– Cook dinner daily which also helps me to prepare my lunch for the next day – leftovers!

– Work out daily for 45 mins to an hour on days that I do not have any other after work commitments. Ex. doc appt for myself or daughter

– Reduce my YouTube viewing time to one hour or less

– Read a chapter or two of a book each night depending on the length of the chapter

– Go to bed earlier.

While doing this exercise, there are things on this list that I do already (take lunch, work out, read etc) but not consistently. My goal is to be more consistent and just change my lifestyle overall. I want to be more productive and positive and not sit around when I get home from work because I spend all day sitting on my behind and want to move around a bit more and stimulate my mind in a different way. This time audit is subject to change based on returning to school on January 12, 2012. I will be more focused on making the grade in class and I am sure that my time on YouTube and watching TV will be reduced anyway, based on that.


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