31 Day Reset – Day 20 – Cleaning house!

The exercise for Day 20 of the 31 Day Reset is to get rid of stuff you do not need. I think this was a wonderful exercise to complete. I have many items that I have that I just do not need anymore. These items are wasting space in my home as well as wasting cyberspace. I have gotten rid or plan to get rid of the following:

1. My Vanity

2. My extra cellphone

3. A shoe rack I was using to store my hair products

4. My high heels that I will never wear

5. Paperwork that is not military, tax, divorce, or home purchase related

6. My LuvnDaNaturalMe Facebook fan page

7. Magazines that I have already read.

On the day I completed this exercise I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way home from work.  I purchased two Sterilite 5 drawer units, one wide and one narrow. I placed all of my hair accessories, hair products, combs, brushes, and oils in the narrow drawer unit. In the wide drawer unit, I placed other items such has my camcorders, pens, notebooks, and important papers. These two drawer units are more functional than my vanity ever was.

I listed my Vanity on Craigslist and it was sold within 24 hours, my cellphone (a myTouch 4g) has been listed on eBay and that auction is closing in the next five days. The shoes that I do not wear will be dropped off at the Goodwill on Friday, the shoe rack has been tossed in the garbage, the magazines in the recycling bin, my Facebook fan page has been deactivated and all paperwork that is not important has been shredded.  When I completed this exercise, I felt so relieved afterwards. I am not finished yet, I have thought of more the get rid of and it feels so good to de-clutter in my life.



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