31 Day Reset – Day 21 – Ditch the Debbie Downers!

I am participating in the 31 Day Reset which is a life coaching challenge hosted by Rosetta Thurman on her blog Happy Black Woman. So far I have really been enjoying the challenge and I hope that you enjoy following me along on this challenge. If you are interested in doing the challenge, click here

Day 21 of the 31 day reset is to remove negative people from your life. I actually did not have to complete this exercise because the negative people that were in my life have already been removed. In 2008, I divorced my husband who was very negative (he was verbally abusive and controlling), last summer a  girl friend of mine that is quite judgmental moved to from here back to the East Coast. I have periodically gone through my personal Facebook page and unfriended people that really did not respond to my status updates or posts that I make on their pages (I mean, you can’t respond to a simple hello!?) and I am really thinking of deactivating that account but there is family that I communicate with on there because I am not really a phone person. I have also already deactivated my Facebook fan page and facebook page associated with my YouTube user name. The only person that is left to work on is me. I am often a debbie downer because I am hard on myself, I do not recognize my accomplishments, and I can go on and on. However, this is the reason why I am doing the 31 Day Reset. If I have to, I will do the 31 Day reset as many times as needed to open up my mind to all of the possibilities and reset my life!


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