31 Day Reset – Day 22 – Plan your reset project

I am participating in the 31 Day Reset which is a life coaching challenge hosted by Rosetta Thurman on her blog Happy Black Woman. So far I have really been enjoying the challenge and I hope that you enjoy following me along on this challenge. If you are interested in doing the challenge, click here

For day 22 of the 31 Day reset, I am to choose one specific area from my life map to make progress on within one month. Out of the seven specific life areas: lifestyle, work, education, finances, health and family, I chose to make progress on my health within one month.

I chose health because I know that if I exercise more it will help me with my depression that I have fought. I also need to lose between 30 to 40 pounds to look better, decrease my health risks and since I recently found out that I have moderate arthritis (in BOTH knees), I need to get “lighter” or I will end up using a cane or walker when I get older.

My goals that I hope to achieve within the next 30 days are:

1. Exercise 4 days a week this month

2. Eat out only twice this month (I have to wean myself off of that slowly)

3. Lose 5 pounds

4. Decrease my blood pressure

5. Start physical therapy (depending on my MRI results)

6. Read half of Fitness for Dummies (13 chapters, I am now on chapter 2)

7. Have a good start on a healthier diet

I will measure my success in the following ways:

1. Determine weight and inches lost by the way my clothes fit

2. Journal, or place a star or something on my calendar on the days I work out

3. Check my Blood pressure in two weeks at one of those BP stations in Wal-Mart or the mall to find my BP

4. Listen to feedback provided by my physical therapist

I am sure that I will encounter many obstacles while trying to meet my goal. I am about to start classes again, my daughter will be back from the east coast so that means I really have to schedule my workouts and make them a priority. I also plan to take before pictures of my body and tape them to my mirror to remind me of my current physical state and that I need to lose weight. I also am reminded daily that exercise will aid me in dealing with depression, stress, sleep issues, and my knee pain

In order for me to see results in 30 days I will need to write out a work out schedule, a meal plan, get my accountability partner involved and just go for it!


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