31 Day Reset – Day 23 – Find Support From Others

I am participating in the 31 Day Reset which is a life coaching challenge hosted by Rosetta Thurman on her blog Happy Black Woman. So far I have really been enjoying the challenge and I hope that you enjoy following me along on this challenge. If you are interested in doing the challenge, click here

The exercise for this day is to find a community to support your goals. Now my goal for my reset project is to improve my health which includes eating better, exercising more, losing weight and getting physical therapy  for my knees. I decided to find a weight loss community to join in order to get support for my goals.I used to be a SparkPeople member but I closed that account about three weeks ago because I felt that I was wasting cyberspace by not using that account (I had been a member since 7/2009).

SparkPeople is a very popular website that is designed to support those that are losing weight, exercise more, and improve their overall health. On that site  there are articles, forums, SparkTeams,SparkRecipes, SparkPages (much like a Facebook page) and so much more. However, I was not 100% sure that I wanted to use that website again and I wanted to try something new and decided to join MyFitnessPal instead.

Wrong move….MyFitnessPal is a very basic site in my opinion when compared to SparkPeople. I have tried the site for a few days and I do not like it at all. I will be closing my account there today and joining SparkPeople again because they have so much more to offer. I know that my goals will be supported on that website. A minor setback but I am sure that be on track in achieving my healthy lifestyle goals.


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