31 Day Reset – Day 28 – Caring for SELF

I am participating in the 31 Day Reset which is a life coaching challenge hosted by Rosetta Thurman on her blog Happy Black Woman. So far I have really been enjoying the challenge and I hope that you enjoy following me along on this challenge. If you are interested in doing the challenge, click here.

During this challenge I have thought about how I want to take care of myself better. I even uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel discussing how I wanted to be  more positive 2012. Below is my self-care plan that I hope to start this month.

1. Go to bed earlier or change to a later work shift

2. Walk 20-30 minutes a day or go to the gym for 30 mins a day

3. Read for pleasure

4. Focus on school more

5. Restrict my YouTube time

6. Write my thoughts in my journal

7. Read a Bible verse daily

8. Start therapy again

This will be a work in progress. I know that I will not be doing these things immediately but gradually I will be doing these things to take care of myself.


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