Lately I have tried to decide if I will keep my gym membership with LA Fitness or cancel. The reason my final decision has been difficult is because over the course of last year I signed up for personal training sessions. In addition to my regular gym membership, I paid monthly for 4 -30 min personal training sessions a month. When I started working with my personal trainer, I really liked him. However, he really started being very pushy with me using his meal plan, and never really listened to me when I would tell him that my knees really hurt when doing squats and lunges. This was before I received my “moderate bilateral knee osteoarthritis” diagnosis (I started working with him in February 2011, diagnosis was received in December 2011).

Basically, I stopped going to that particular gym location altogether. I wanted to work with a different personal trainer but I did not want to work with that new trainer in front of him if that makes sense. Fast forward to today, I am sitting on 30 – 30 min personal training sessions that I need to use before giving the gym “the boot”. I have since decided to seek out a female personal trainer at a different LA Fitness location that is a 5 minute drive from my house. Yesterday I used my phone app to book 1 – 30 min session with this “new” trainer, and 2 -60 min sessions (totaling 4 of my paid 30 min sessions) to jump-start my plans to use them up.

Who knows, maybe the personal training sessions will refuel my motivation to start working out at the gym again. I drive past that location daily on my way home and it’s too easy to just stop and workout. However, for me its a lack of “gym confidence” that keeps me from stopping there on my way home. I always feel as if I look lost when I go into the gym because there are always a few guys just watching me. I assume they thing I do not know what I am doing if I walk up to a workout machine  I take the time to actually look at the picture and explanation of how to use the machine instead of just sitting down and using it. In addition, I would NEVER go into the free weight room.  Anywho….I am hoping that once I start using my personal trainer, I will gain confidence in using the gym and maybe I will not cancel my membership after I use all of my personal training sessions. Wish me luck!


4 comments on “Decisions….decisions….

  1. Good luck working out! I am also a member of LA Fitness. The location I visit has a lot of men (and usually 1 or 2 women) using the free weights. Honestly, I copy what other people are doing, ask questions outside of the gym, and try to ignore them. I’ve considered getting a personal trainer, but I found something that I like much better. If you have an Iphone (or a Droid, I think), you can download this free application called Nike Training Club. I love it because you get intense workouts that target your goals: if you want to get, get strong, or get focused. I’ve been using it for the last 2 months, and I’ve lost weight and gained more muscle. I use this application as an alternative to a trainer. Keep us posted on your progress!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I have an iPhone and I downloaded that app at your suggestion. I have not done a workout yet because I downloaded it yesterday but I will look into doing one today. Thanks so much!

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