My Progress So Far

On January 16 of this year I decided that it was time for me to get myself together and change my lifestyle. I want to get healthier, lose weight, stop my knee pain and just be better overall. It has been a total of seven weeks since the start of my journey. Although I have changed they way I eat and I walk for one hour a few times a week my progress in losing weight has been slow. I have lost inches which is wonderful and as of this morning I have lost a total of 4 pounds, my current weight is 193. I know that a 4 pound weight loss is good, however in seven weeks I should have lost so much more. Why? Because I need to work harder when it comes to exercise. I am so tired of worrying about my knees which is preventing me from working out the way that I want to. I have decided to step it up a notch with my health and fitness journey by doing the following things:

I will continue to walk but only for thirty mins a few times a week. I recently made a few purchases of some at home workout DVD‘s to add some variety to my workout life. Through my bank I received Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs which I have to save until my knees are stronger, looks like a lot of squats….maybe I can modify the workouts. I also receive Kathy Smith‘s Kettleball Solution. This package came with a DVD, a booklet, and a 3lb and 5lb kettleball. I am so excited about this program and I will be starting this one either later on today after I run errands or after church tomorrow. In addition, I had been looking into the P.I.N.K Method for a few months now at the recommendation of my daughter. She saw that it is a health and fitness program that was designed by a women specifically for women while watching Dr. Phil. So, I saw a few YouTube videos about the progress that other women have made on that program and I finally decided to purchase the program. I should be getting that in the mail on March 6th and I am excited about getting started with that program as well. After chatting with a friend of mine, she motivated me to book a few appointments with my personal trainer at LA Fitness. My thoughts on working out at the gym will be in my next post. So, I am hoping that by the end of March…well no…let’s back up. My GOAL by the end of March is to weigh 189. That is a feasible goal right? That is a one pound weight loss per week….we will see how this all plays out!


2 comments on “My Progress So Far

  1. “I know that a 4 pound weight loss is good, however in seven weeks I should have lost so much more.” Aaactually, (…I really hope I’m not going to sound one of those people who think they know everything better) it’s a rule of thumb that the slower/steadier the weight loss, the better. If you lose a lot of weight at once, chances are your current eating/exercise pattern is very tough, and will be hard to uphold – which can result in a relapse and yo-yo’ing.

    Of course I don’t know anything about the extent of your knee problems, but have you considered an indoor cycling (/spinning) class? It’s a great work-out but not too demanding on the knees if you adjust the saddle a bit. There are a lot of people in my class with knee problems and they get along really well.

    Good luck with everything!

    • No, you do not sound like one of those people who think they know everything better. I appreciate your advice and the reminder of slow and steady weight loss = lasting weight loss. I did learn that in a nutrition class years ago but sometimes there are people around me that makes me feel as if 4 pounds in 7 weeks isn’t good enough.

      I have not considered a spinning class, I took one a long time ago when I was in the Army and maybe I was doing things wrong but I did not like it very much. However, I have considered dusting off my bicycle and going for rides on that. I just need to go buy myself some new padded cycling shorts because I cannot fit the ones I have. Thank you so much for your honesty in your comment, I respect that. 🙂

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