My Confessions

I must confess….I have fallen off when it comes to eating. I mean, really fallen off…I have been pigging out off and on over the past three weeks for dinner!!! I have been too lazy to cook dinner so we have ordered out: dominos pizza, Chipotle, Jimmy johns subs, it’s been crazy! I have even gained one pound and on top of that I have been lazy with working out. I probably worked out three times in the past two weeks which included my post about the Kettlebell workout on March 4. In addition to eating badly and working out sporadically, I have not been counting my calories. As a matter of fact I have not counted calories since I started this journey on January 16th!  I  learned in a nutrition course that I have to make sure that I create a deficit in calories to lose weight, which is where working out comes into play. Of course I am going to gain back a pound,I have not been creating that 3500 calorie deficit per week to burn off 1lb of fat.

In the past I would have given up on my journey. I would have just said, screw it and moved on. However, my mentality this year is different from my attempts at losing weight in the past. Not to worry…I am back on track with my exercising which started for me last Friday. My motivation was rekindled when I went out with a friend and we danced for a few hours. I felt so good afterwards and even though I got to bed at midnight on Saturday morning, at 9 am sharp I was up working out with Kathy Smith doing her kettlebell workout. Sunday I rested because I was a bit sore, Monday I did the Kettlebell workout again, Tuesday I rode my mountain bike and today I walked 3.5 miles with my dog. Hmm…what to do tomorrow….? I am having so much fun.

As far as eating goes, I will be starting a new health and fitness program. I may have mentioned this before but I am going to do the P.I.N.K. Method, which is a program designed by a woman for women. I received this program on the 6th and it starts with the P.I.N.K. reset. So, since I align my grocery shopping with my paydays, I will be purchasing food items this weekend so that I can start the reset. I will attempt to blog about each day to let you all know what I am doing, how I am feeling, and things of that nature. As we all know, “if at first you do not succeed, try, try again” so I will keep trying until I get this health and fitness journey right! 🙂


4 comments on “My Confessions

  1. it must be going around because i am on day 4 of eating out. it is getting hot around these parts.
    well, good thing you are motivated again!
    keep at it!

    • Yes it seems like when it gets warm we want to cook less because the kitchen gets hot…lol. Yes I need to continue to stay on this journey. I may not be losing the weight as fast as I want but I can see changes in my body and I am losing inches.

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