Decision Made!

A few weeks ago I was trying to make a decision about my gym membership with LA Fitness. The one thing holding me back were my personal training sessions that were pre-paid. I had this plan of scheduling those sessions in hopes that it will motivate me to attend the gym more. Well, that plan failed and those sessions that I scheduled at that time were cancelled.

After careful thought and prayer (yes…prayer) I decided to cancel my membership with LA Fitness. I know that I am going to get “flack” from my decision but I really feel that is best for me right now. I prefer to work out at home currently and maybe I will revisit a gym membership in the future. I am also proud of another decision that I made.

Last night I decided to indulge in eating out for dinner so my family and I went to Applebee’s. Ok, some people feel that Applebee’s is gross but I happen to like their spinach and shrimp salad and I tried their grilled chicken/shrimp dish last night which was yummy. I figured that starting April 1st I will be starting the P.I.N.K. Method so I could enjoy one meal out before then right?

Anywho….while my daughter was driving us home (she is a licensed driver now, YAY!!) I told my family that I was starting the P.I.N.K. Method. I told them that I will be preparing foods that I have to eat on this program and that they are on their own for dinner from now on if they are not down for eating what I want to eat. I also told them I would not eat out during this time so if they are too lazy to find food for themselves then they can eat out. I felt so proud of myself for telling them and I feel that I have taken the first step in getting them to understand that I am trying to be healthy and fit and either they are on board or on their own.

Wish me luck!


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