A Pound is a Pound..Right?!?

I have been on my Cardio/Workout challenge for 9 days now. I weighed myself last Thursday and I weighed 194.6, I weighed myself this past thursday and I weighed 196. I was a little disappointed because just looking at my body, it looked different which prompted me to get on the scale. I have been working on this weight loss journey since January although just recently after a one month lack of motivation I got back on my exercise grind with this self imposed challenge. When I mentioned my 1.4lb weight loss/regain (started at 196) to people the first thing that was said to me was “muscle weighs more than fat”. Hmm, I thought that a pound was a pound? Muscle is just leaner and more efficient at burning calories than fat which is what I remember learning in Nutrition. I decided to do some research and here is a link to an article that I came across on one of my fave websites, Everyday Health:


So, what are your thoughts?


P.I.N.K. Method Update and a Personal Challenge

On Good Friday, my boyfriend and I went riding. I rode my Quad and he rode his dirt bike. I am just learning and it was my second time riding my quad. He was showing me the things I needed to do while riding on bumpy and hilly terrain. I did a lot of standing up and sitting down on my quad and after I we were done riding, I could barely walk my legs felt like noodles! I mention this because as result of riding, from Saturday to Thursday of this past week I was very sore. I could barely walk and I thought that I had torn my muscles. When I woke up Thursday morning able to walk to the bathroom without cringing I was in an awesome mood. I decided while driving to work to start a 30 day cardio challenge. Before I get into that, let me give you a quick update on the PINK method.

In all honesty, I have not been 100% consistent on the PINK Method and I plan to start over on Wednesday after I buy groceries. Why Wednesday you ask? Well that is my BF’s payday and we usually go 50/50 on groceries. I have not shared this here but on 4/5/12 I tried one of the pink method workouts. It involved a lot of squats and lunges which was very hard on my knees. I am so tired of my knee pain and I almost wanted to give up on this journey altogether.

Getting back to the 30 day Cardio Challenge, I started on Thursday evening. I did the Zumba Fitness 20 minute express and initially I felt good. However about an hour later the knee pain kicked in and I was frustrated until I received a message on YouTube that evening. The individual wanted to know if I have ever thought of using knee braces while working out. Nope, never thought of it and felt a little dumb for not doing so. I went and purchased knee braces yesterday which made me very excited. After being out and about running errands I came home, put on those knee braces and decided to do Day 2 of my cardio challenge. I completed the Zumba Fitness 20 minute express workout and the pressure on my knees were minimal. Today I decided to try the knee braces and work out doing one of the PINK Method workouts. Again, a better experience. I plan to do daily updates on my 30 day Cardio Challenge on my YouTube Channel and to update my blog with short posts about my workout for that day. I hope that I finally make working out and eating right a part of my lifestyle.

Tuesday’s Big Hair :-)

I loved my hair on Tuesday and I received a number of compliments. Its a simple style,  just a flat twist out that I pushed back with a headband.