A Pound is a Pound..Right?!?

I have been on my Cardio/Workout challenge for 9 days now. I weighed myself last Thursday and I weighed 194.6, I weighed myself this past thursday and I weighed 196. I was a little disappointed because just looking at my body, it looked different which prompted me to get on the scale. I have been working on this weight loss journey since January although just recently after a one month lack of motivation I got back on my exercise grind with this self imposed challenge. When I mentioned my 1.4lb weight loss/regain (started at 196) to people the first thing that was said to me was “muscle weighs more than fat”. Hmm, I thought that a pound was a pound? Muscle is just leaner and more efficient at burning calories than fat which is what I remember learning in Nutrition. I decided to do some research and here is a link to an article that I came across on one of my fave websites, Everyday Health:


So, what are your thoughts?


3 comments on “A Pound is a Pound..Right?!?

  1. I need to start working out more seriously. Nine days of working out – Congratulations!!!! Keep at it!
    I need to join you!!

  2. Well I think you may have not drunk enough water. That’s key to losing weight. Drink, drink, drink!!!!!! It definitely makes a big difference on the scale. I’m on a weight loss journey too. I4m following Weight Watchers. I regained 12 pounds after my last summer holiday and have been maintaining there thatk God. Recently I’ve decided to step up my program. Counting my points and exercising regularly – swimming 3 times a week, zumba 2 times a week, walking at least 30-45 minutes on anyday I don’t go to the gym or the pool. I hope to be 12 pounds less in 6 weeks and from there I’ll continue the journey with the hopes of losing the majority of my weight by Decemvber 31st 2012. I’m going to be 46 in Sept. and I don’t want to go through menopause carrying all this weight. Good luck!

  3. The time you weigh yourself matters to! I know it sounds crazy but you actually weight less in the morning compared to in the afternoon/night. Keep up the good work you’ll SEE results soon (you’ll need a lil more than 9 days though) lol good luck!

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