Braid out on starter/baby locs

I have had my two strand twist starter/baby locs in for almost 3 weeks (17 days). I really like the convenience of not having to try and style my loose natural hair. During the first week, I was afraid to touch my hair that much. I did not want to get them wet or anything. After the 5th day of wearing my baby locs, I started to moisturize my hair by shower steam and/or distilled water, seal in the moisture with jojoba oil, and pin the front of my hair up for a little style.

I have spent a lot of time watching loc vids and one of the styles that I really like the look of is braidouts on locs. Now of course many of the ladies I have come across have locs that are way longer than mine. However, I thought I would try a braidout on my locs anyway. The first thing I did was cleanse my scalp because I have been craving a shampoo/condition but I was advised by my loctician to not douse my hair with water in the case that I wash out some of my locs.

As an alternative I found the Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo at my local beauty supply store and cleased my scalp. I did not like this product but I will post my review in a later post. After I cleansed my scalp, I sprayed my hair with distilled water, sealed with jojoba oil and gathered between 3 and 5 locs to create chunky braids all over my hair.

I allowed my braids to dry overnight and this morning while getting ready for church I carefully unraveled the braids and here is the finished look:

IMG_0721 IMG_0722 IMG_0723 IMG_0724

For the next few days, this will be my go to style. The next style I want to try is a twistout with my baby locs before I go back to the salon for my first shampoo and retwist. I did not do my entire style on video but for more details click here and check out my video on YouTube @luvndanaturalme. Until next time! 🙂


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