Two month loc update

On 9/11 I hit my 2nd month on my loc journey. I would have to say that I am starting to settle in with the process. I am not 100% happy with how my hair looks at this moment, but I am aware that my hair is going through a transition from loose to loc’d.  I CAN say that I am no longer tempted or having thoughts of taking out my loc’s when I see loose naturals. That is a milestone in my opinion.  I did my last re-twist on August 30th and I will be shampooing my hair tomorrow.  I will NOT re-twist my hair because I really have to give my hair the chance to do what it needs to do in the loc’ing process.

My goal moving forward is to retwist every four weeks and shampoo every two to make sure that my scalp is cleansed. I think I can meet my goal, I just need to come up with ideas on how to camouflage the new growth and frizziness with doing braid outs and I think I will try a rod set since I am not at the stage where I can do pipe cleaner curls.

Here is my progress so far, I took these photos last weekend:

As you can see, my hair is frizzing up and the 2 strand twist pattern is still evident. I  have locs that are budding and some that do not have actual buds but are actually starting to loc already. When I stick my finger through my new growth and try to slide my finger down on many of my locs, there is a stopping point. I am so excited and happy that I made this decision!!

Well everyone that is all for now. I will pop in again for another loc update soon! Thanks for reading!


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