Almost 4 weeks no retwist/perm rod set on baby locs

Hello everyone!

I have done really well with not doing my loc retwist before 4 weeks since my last retwist. As a matter of fact, this weekend is my scheduled retwist time so now I know that I can go 4 weeks between retwists and that I can shampoo without having to retwist. On a whim, I scheduled an appointment for Saturday at a natural hair salon to have my locs retwisted. I wanted to have someone just go through to make sure my parts are good and maybe rework a few of them. However, I am staring to feel uneasy about going because the person that I spoke with asked if I interlocked or palm rolled. When I told her that I palm rolled, she then said, “well we will see what’s best for you when you get here”. I was not happy with that statement due to two reasons:

1. My personal preference is to palm roll. I have seen videos on YouTube where some people prefer to interlock and over time the loc looks like a braid to me. I do not like that look, if I wanted braids, I would braid my hair.

2. Cost: Palm roll is $60 and Interlocking is $80 and the $60 is within my budget that I plan to stay in. I have a feeling that I will be canceling this appointment. I will post this weekend with an update.

Last night I decided to use perm rods to curl my baby locs because I am not sure if I can rock pipe cleaner curls just yet. I did the following:

I. Sprayed my hair with water

II. Sealed with a very light amount of Creme of Nature Argan Oil,

III. Used 1 pump of the Proclaim Olive Oil foaming wrap lotion and spread it throughout my hair

IV. Rolled my locs the small pink and gray perm rods and slept with a satin bonnet over night.

Here are the pics of the results:

IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0798

Not bad huh? I think it looks nice and hope the curls will last at least for the next two days. As the days pass I am enjoying this new phase of my natural journey more and more. 🙂


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